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Busy October

It has now been almost exactly a full month since my last blog post and the truth of the matter is simply that the gears have been majorly turning at Simple Station. We have been preparing a new open source product that is now nearing the final stages of completion and we have been buried in preparing the marketing, documentation, legalese, and branding for the product. The good news is that the project is scheduled (finally) for completion around the middle of November, but has experience delays because… well… we have never launched an open source project this big and we want to make sure we’ve crossed all our T’s and dotter our I’s.

The process of getting a project ready for prime time and an open-source launch has been an interesting one as there are so many factors involved in an initial release I just had not considered. Take for example the question of licensing. When you are considering to launch an open source product you have to choose a license, but the question is which one to choose. Do you choose the GPL, the LGPL, MIT, or BSD license? Or perhaps do you try to do something where you might retain a little more control? Reading through everything and getting a thorough grasp of what the terms of each license would mean for a project is a fairly major task as it has long reaching implications. Outside of licensing there is of course developer documentation (which is HUGE), installation instructions, screencasts, marketing copy, branding & design, public promotion, search engine optimization, creating community support forums, setting up public GIT repositories, and project hosting to name but a few. Through this process I have gained so much respect and admiration for open-source projects like WordPress or Drupal as it certainly takes a huge amount of dedicated effort on behalf of the maintainers to even get to lift-off… let alone maintain and guide a community.

19 or so more days till launch…

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