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Removing the www. in your domain

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

What happens to your website when you type in Does it automatically redirect to or does it keep the www? If it keeps this prefix you are essentially telling Google and other search engines that you are running two websites. Google treats as a seperate website from (More information on this issue known as canonicalization).

What should happen is this:

Which automatically reroutes all requests to:

We’ve had some debate at our office over whether it is better to redirect all http:// traffic to¬† http://www. or take it out and we’ve decided to go without the www. because if you start using sub domains it starts confusing people when you switch from to

Additionally www. by the definition of the acronym (world wide web) is redundant since obviously you’re browsing the web when you visit a domain with this prefix. Lastly it just adds unnecessary lines to marketing text. Since is shorter and simpler than why would you still want to add this unnecessary complexity? More information on this is below. (more…)