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Colour Profiles in Photoshop and “Save for Web”

I keep forgetting whenever I setup a new photoshop installation, which settings are in fact the best for web use. A while back I saw this terrific post on Viget Inspire about issues surrounding colour shifts in Photoshop when you use the “Save for web” menu option.

Basically it boils down to a view things:

  • View > Proof Setup > Monitor RGB
  • Make sure proof colours is enabled under the View menu
  • Save for Web & Devices > Click the little button to the right of the Preset field > Uncheck Convert to sRGB

I have left my ICC profiles setup for sRGB IEC61966-2.1 as I don’t like the idea of allowing the monitor to set the colour profile. This does differ from what they recommend in both of the articles I read, but I just feel that I can’t trust the monitor to set the colour profiles.

Here are a couple great in depth reads on the issue:

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