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Increasing the value of email newsletters

I just finished reading the latest edition of Jacob Nielsen’s alertbox covering email newsletter usability. As many of our clientele have email subscriber lists we thought we’d comb through his tips and pull together a few key points and tips.

Key Points / Tips:

  1. The number of new or unread emails in an average inbox is 300% higher than it was 4 years ago
  2. The title of your email needs to be attention grabbing, and straight to the point, not abstract
  3. Put the most important information first, the first paragraph is crucial as it may be the only one that your readers look at
  4. The most important information should be the information that is important to your client, not to you
  5. Newsletter subscribers are more important than Facebook/twitter followers, treat emails with respect and don’t spam subscribers
  6. People are more likely to want to receive updates via an email newsletter than a facebook or twitter post
  7. Making your newsletter mobile friendly is important as many users browse newsletters on their mobile devices
  8. Users are hesitant to click on videos within emails
  9. 50% of users said email marketing influenced their B2B purchases when timing was right
  10. View email newsletters as a long term investment

The full article is well worth a read, and provides a much more in depth look at the key points I’ve summarized above.

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